December Book Club: Part 1

December 16, 2015

I know that some of you might think this – but I promise, I didn’t forget about book club this month!  I’ve been saving it for today…because today is

​Jane Austen’s birthday!  Happy Happy Birthday!  I was pretty glad we choose to read Lizzy and Jane for our book club this month in honor of her.  I wanted to read something fun and light – and while I’m halfway through the book right now – I’m not sure I would use the words “fun and light” to describe this one.

I know some of you are done reading it or past me, but I would love to hear your thoughts.  I’ll tell you right now, this book has been a challenge for me.  The cancer is a subject dear to my heart.  This past month or so have been some challenging times for our family and I think – that maybe this wasn’t the right time to hear read about cancer too.

We lost my mother in law to cancer almost 3 years ago.  She battled it about 10 years prior and was in remission. Or so we thought.  It was tough.  She was a fighter.  She was one of my favorite people.  If you knew her, she was probably one of your favorite people too!  This book brought up so many thoughts for me.

​Are we there enough?  Are we doing what we can?
How do you show up?

I read the book Just Show Up a couple months ago and it’s really changed the way that I think about things.
I am not always good at showing up.  
But I try.  One day in my mother in law’s final week I brought the kids down for the day. (we lived about an hour away) She was not doing well and none of us wanted to admit it.  I sat with her.  I made her soup.  I held her hand.  I had 5 tiny kids at the time, and life was kinda crazy.  But I will never forget stopping my life for a day and holding her hand.  That is all she wanted.  It was what we both needed. 

lizzy and jane 1a

I really love the food references.  I’m beginning to realize something about myself too, that I hadn’t thought about until about the last year or so –  I show my love through food.  I think I always have, it’s just something I’ve thought about until recently.  I am no where near a fancy chef like Elizabeth.  But if someone is hurting, I make them (or buy them) food. The day after my mother in law passed I made lasagna. I made it for the family, I made it for the neighbors.  I made bunch.  When everyone was asking if they could bring us meals, I was in the kitchen making and preparing our own. I wish I could have meet Jane and Elizabeth’s mom – because she sounds just like someone I would look up too!

When people you love are hurting, do you show your love through food?
Do you use food as medium – like Elizabeth’s mom?

“Great writers and my mom never used food as an object.  Instead it was a medium, a catalyst to mend hearts, to break down barriers, to build relationships.”  Lizzy and Jane page 110

So…I’m still reading – I’m about half way though and still digesting this book bit by bit.  It’s been such a hard one to read but something I’m really enjoying at the same time.  I am nervous to see how Elizabeth’s relationship with Nick turns out.  I’m really crossing my fingers that Elizabeth continues to make more meals for cancer patients.  I wish I had her talent in the kitchen!

What have your favorite parts been so far?  Is this a book close to your heart?  Would you recommend it?

Have you finished the book and want more?  I loved this post from Modern Mrs. Darcy that included an interview with the author!

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