Make Over Your Mornings: Day 11

December 8, 2015


The last couple weeks have been such a challenge and busy for our family.  First our 5 year old had some seizures and went to the emergency room and hospitalized, our 9 year old had some other stressful diagnosis’, we traveled for Thanksgiving, we had a death in the family and have had numerous friends experience heartbreaking loss too, and that wasn’t really all, just the ones worth mentioning…. all in the past 4 week!  Then to top it off my 6 year old was sick all weekend, and we found out last night that she has strep!  We really need a break!

Needless to say I haven’t been as faithful as I hoped at posting and working on this course as I planned to be when I signed up.  I don’t mean to sound like a complainer – but I apologize for not being consistent. Family life has taken priority. I have truly really enjoyed taking this class and learned so much in just the days I’ve covered…even though my infrequent posts might not always reflect that.

This week I’ve opened my work book back up and got back on track. 

Day 11 is one that speaks to my heart.  Diet and Exercise.

I had many many years that I didn’t really make diet and excise a priority in my life.  I was busy with tiny children and babies and I felt like I was treading water each and every day.  With my husbands hectic schedule as a medical resident I just couldn’t justify the time I needed to really focus on this.  Any time he was able to spend at home with us was spent as family time. But then after baby 5, and a move, and some life changes, I really felt the need to get in a good habit.  I was really hoping to lost 20 extra pounds too!  I started running. I didn’t love it to begin with, but over the (almost) 2 years I have grown to really love running and the peace it brings my day.

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I love that Crystal makes a point to say that this doesn’t have to consume you – but 15 minutes can make a huge difference.  I truly believe making it a priority can make a huge difference. These little things can really add up.  I know I really am more aware of how many steps I take in the day and strive to take more since I started wearing my Garmin Vivofit.

The “homework” for day 11 is work that I’ve really enjoyed.  I am always trying to focus on drinking more water.  I really love the little fitness tracker that is included in the workbook.  You might remember that I’m a list maker – and I love being able to cross items off my list.  Like crossing off how much water I’ve been drinking every day!  I am really thinking I need to focus on what I am eating in 2016.  I am SO scared to try Whole 30…but maybe, just maybe I will need to try it next year.  I also downloaded the book that Crystal suggested, My Real Food Journey and can’t wait to start reading. it.

How do you fit diet and exercise into your day?  
Is it a priority to you right now?

Have you been working on the Make Over Your Mornings course? How is it going?
If you are interested in finding out more, click here.  You can even get the first day free!

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