Make Over Your Mornings: Day 13

December 15, 2015

I can’t believe it!  I’m on day 13 and there is only one day left in this course. I have really enjoyed it and really learned a lot about myself too.  Day 13 was something that has been on my mind so much lately.
We all fail. It will happen.

I’ve hard a hard time lately.  We’ve had so much going on, that I really have had to give myself some grace and try my best to get back up and try again.  Everyone experiences failure.

“Failure is nothing but evidence you are trying.”  

What a fantastic though! isn’t that refreshing to think about?
In this lesson Crystal gives you three questions to ask yourself when you fail.  These are questions that I need to remember – maybe write down on a note card and put somewhere where I see them often!  I especially like the point that she makes about are you failing, because you are trying to be someone else.  Comparison is a huge trap that I fall into all the time.

A couple things that I try to remember when I fail are:
1. Acknowledge it and try to give myself a little grace.  It’s okay.  
2. Try to examine why I failed.  What can I fix.
3. Make sure I’m eating right and getting enough sleep.  This one really helps. It might sound silly or simple but personally I know this makes a HUGE impact on my emotional health.
4.  Seek spiritual guidance. Reading my scriptures, or talks really helps me feel the spirit and lift me up.  I believe that being close to the spirit can help me feel  and act on promptings that might help me succeed.

I really loved THIS post from Working Mom’s Balance about What to Do When You Feel Lie You’re Failing.  I think we’ve all been there and experienced this.  

So what do you do when you fail?  How do you get back up and try again?
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