Hello 2016

January 4, 2016

2016 is here!

We had a pretty low key New Year’s around here.  The kids were sick so instead of our normal party we normally throw, we watched some movies and played some video games as a family, and the littlest ones went to bed early!

Tonight we will sit down as a family and talk about our goals for the year.
​Today I thought I would share mine with you.


I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals this year and what I want to accomplish.  I’m really excited because I signed up to take Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Year course.  This is only on sale through tomorrow – so if you are interested jump on this and register.  I would love to take this together with some readers so we can talk about it!

As far as my goals go, I’ve divided into a couple categories and then made smaller goals from there.  This is what I’ve come up with so far.  This is a basic skeleton.  And I really want to point out – these are subject to change as I take this course and dream big in 2016!  I’m a big believer in goals, but I don’t feel bad I don’t have them all set in stone January 1st.  I set goals all throughout the year.



  • Read 100 books.

Pretty self explanatory.  I’ve met this goal for the past two years.

  • Read 16 for 16 book list.  

I’m super excited about this!  I’ve come up with 16 books to read in 2016.  I’m going to share this list tomorrow.  It’s super easy and something I think all of us could do, no matter what kind of reader you are.  Plus I have a cute printable and a giveaway tomorrow too!

  • Update my book blog.

This might seen a little vague, but I have some big ideas for my little blog.  I am working on a remodel right now (and learning a new blogging platform is really proving to be a learning curve too!).  I hope to blog more book reviews and more content posts throughout the week as well.  I hope to select and blog about a book club book at least every other month.



  • Run 4 half marathons.

I haven’t picked out which ones I want to run – maybe a few of the same ones as last, maybe a few new ones.  But I really think running 4 throughout the year keeps me motivated and keeps me running.

  • Run over 1200 miles.

I think this will be easy to accomplish with the 4 half marathons, but I fell short of 1100 miles this past year. I think 1200 will really give me something to reach for.

date night


I would really like to focus more on my marriage in 2016.  This isn’t a category that I’ve ever had before but I’m kinda excited about it.  We are beginning to enter a phase where our kids are able to babysit and I think we can finally go on a date night every once in a while without breaking bank to pay a sitter!

  • Take 2 overnight trips together!
  • Date night twice a month



These are pretty self explanatory goal too. I know I am a better wife, mom and person when I focus on these goals first in my life.  I’m using my mornings to work on these every day.  

  • Read and study the Book of Mormon
  • Write in a gratitude journal daily


Have you set any of your goals for 2016?
What are you focusing on this year?
Do you have a good game plan on how to achieve those goals?
Leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you are dreaming about for 2016!

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