Friday Five

February 5, 2016

Hurrah for Friday!

Five random-ish thoughts from this week:


An Unexpected Surprise

I picked up this book at the library last week.  It looked like it would have some easy decorating ideas…and pretty pictures. But this book totally surprised me!  I would not have expected it to affect me the way that it did – but it really spoke to me!  It had me tears at some points. I’ve decided I am such a cry baby lately.  But this was a book that I could relate too.  And just what I needed to hear.


It’s not about finding a perfect house.  It’s about creating a home where ever you may be.  I think it goes along perfect with our book club book I’ve been reading for this month.

life changing magic of tidying up book club

Book Club

Has anyone else been reading this?  I think I might be the last person on the planet to read it.  But I’m really excited for it and what I can learn. I’ll be posting about the first part of the book next week!


Love Challenge

Do you follow me on Instagram?  Have you seen this 14 day Love One Another Challenge.  I’ve been trying to make it a priority every day.  Today I am trying to focus on “Seeing a situation through the other persons eyes.”  Some days are more difficult for me than others.  You can read more about the challenge here.


Speaking of challenges I’m still really working hard on making over my mornings in 2016.  I’ve took Money Saving Mom’s class, Make Over Your Morning in the fall of last year, but I am thinking of working back through it.  My days go so much better when I wake up early. (You can click here and get your first day free)  The last couple days this week my husband has been gone for a work conference so I’ve been able to stay at home instead of working at my early morning part time job. I really don’t mind working early in the morning – it’s nice and quiet and I’ve gotten hooked on listening to audio books while I work.  But it’s nice to get up and have my mornings to myself for a change too.  If getting up early isn’t your thing, Crystal is doing a “go to bed early” challenge on her blog right now too. (click here for info)  Although ask my husband I NEVER have a problem with that, he claims I could fall asleep by 8pm every night! (not true…at least all of the time)



And last but not least, don’t forget about the giveaway going on right now.  Click here and scroll to the bottom to enter!


Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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