Book Review: 30 Days to a Stronger Child

March 22, 2016

30 Days to a Stronger Child
Educate and Empower Kids
109 pages
Hard copy in exchange for honest review

From the Publisher:

Our children are the next great dreamers, educators, explorers, and leaders. It is now, in their childhood, that we give them the tools that shape them, the heart that drives them, and the knowledge that guides them.

Our kids face an uncertain future filled with incredible pressures and challenges. They will need to change it, to change their world. And they can do it too! With your guidance and the experiences in this book, our children will not only survive in this world, they will THRIVE!

Our kids have qualities that need to be developed and balanced in order to be successful. Each of these qualities can be likened to accounts that are necessary to live a healthy, balanced, and strong life. That’s why we’ve given you a great way to teach these concepts—physical health, emotional strength, social skills, spiritual balance, and intellectual growth—to your children. We’ve included activities, discussions, and questions that will empower you to raise a more resilient, stronger child.

Enjoy these lessons at your own pace: whether you spend five minutes or an hour, you will connect with your child on a new level. Deeper connections facilitate both learning and bonding, and together you will help your child find their greatness and build a happy, strong life.


The publisher of this book reached out on a Facebook group and wanted to know if anyone would want to read through this new book.  After hearing the description I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to take a look at this book and it’s content and really work through it with my family.

The book is divided into 5 quality “banks” – social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical.  Each characteristic than has 6 lessons or “conversations” you can have with your kids and discuss with them.  I love that you don’t have to work through in any certain order, but you can read through and work on what lessons and characteristics you feel are most important.  Each lesson is lined up and is so simple to follow!










I have gone through a couple of these lessons with my family and it was really interesting to see what my kids answered and what they decided to work on as we discussed each characteristic.  We typically read though the book and discussed during a meal time (breakfast or dinner) but I think you could use this book for a family night lesson for a few weeks too!

Many times I would read it during breakfast and then challenge them to work on this value or lesson during the day and report back at dinner.  There were a few times that some kids forgot, but my favorite was when they started remember and asking me when it was time to report on how they did!  They were listening and really working on using what we were talking about in their daily life!  Total mom-win!

I have been really impressed with this little book and the discussion that it has sparked in our family.  The authors of this book also have a website, Educate and Empower Kids (click for link) and there is SO much good information there!  This is a great resource for all families, specifically those who have children, under the age of 12.  I am not really sure this would hold the interest of teenagers, but I felt it was a really helpful book for younger children.

Right now you can grab a copy of the kindle edition of the book for 99 cents. (price is subject to change, so check it before you purchase).  But you can’t argue with that price.  Although I highly recommend a hard copy of this book so you can have it for reference!  I loved it!

Click below to purchase a copy.


Final Score:

5 stars









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