Book Review: More than the Tattooed Mormon

March 21, 2016

More than the Tattooed Mormon
Al Fox Carraway
176 pages
Hard copy edition

From the Publisher:

“Don’t go, Al. You won’t fit in.”

Being baptized and following the Lord has made Al’s life harder than it ever was before. She endured criticism from friends and family for becoming a Mormon. She faced harsh judgments from Church members for her appearance. She gave up everything and felt more alone than she ever had in her life. All because she chose God.

Now she shares an up-close look at how trusting God has led her to places she never expected. As a blogger, YouTuber, and award-winning public speaker, her message has reached millions. Sharing her love of the Savior, Al goes beyond her own conversion and encourages readers to choose God above anything else. This uplifting book inspires readers to build a true relationship with the Lord that will bring them real, lasting happiness.


I found out recently that Al Carraway is going to come and speak to the youth in our congregation at church and I can have the opportunity to go!  I was pretty excited about this because I’ve heard about her before and what a great public speaker she is – and this totally gave me a great excuse to read her newly released book!

This book is short and easy to read in one day.  It’s made up of two parts, “her story” and “your story”.  I really enjoyed reading more about her story and how she came to find the gospel and her testimony.  I was so amazed at her faith and diligence to do what she felt was right.

The book had some good inspirational stories and scripture and I came away from reading it thinking that I can be a better person! I had so many passages that I marked and wanted to save.

“Exist to be happy, not to impress.  Don’t lose sight of why we are here and what we need to be doing and striving towards.  Don’t lose sight of what is most important.  If it doesn’t matter, get rid of it.  The greatest thing you can ever have and share is your testimony, and you’ll make the biggest impact when you are fully and completely yourself.  Quit worrying over things that don’t matter.  Just relax, enjoy life, and enjoy being completely true to who you are.”

Loved that one. I would be so much happier if I quit worrying about things that don’t’ matter.  I would be so much happier if I really stuck to what was most important.  I need to learn this lesson over and over again!  But I think my all time favorite out of the whole book was this quote:

“Sometimes we can’t help but think how much easier it would be if things had gone the way we wanted them to go.  But little do we know what’s right around the corner for us when we choose to remember God – opportunities that await, the people, the growth, and the blessings.  We find whatever it is we are looking for. Look for the good, it’s there.”

Seriously!  I loved this.  Blessings are there – but we find whatever it we are looking for.  If we are looking for an excuse or for something to offend us, we will find it. I think attitude is everything!  If we look for the good we will find it.

I loved this little book and have already recommended it it to friends and some youth in our ward. I could re read it again and again. It made me super excited to hear Al speak and now I can’t wait!

You can grab a copy of this book on Amazon, by clicking here.

Final Score:

5 stars









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