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September 23, 2016

When I started my first Reading Spot blog, back in 2007 (WOAH, almost 10 years ago!) I used to post about every single book I read. I also occasionally posted about kid books and magazines, anything literary that I found fun.  We did some fun book swaps too! I didn’t post every day.  Then last year when I re-branded My Reading Spot, I blogged 5 days a week, consistently, with very few exceptions. I added in some running posts, and I made sure I posted about every single book I read, good or bad.

This year has been a little bit more about finding a balance. I used to really stress out about making sure I posted those 5 days a week. But why? Life is busy!  Do I need to write a book review, or post for every single book I read?  Part of me feels like I should.  Part of me is bothered that my TBR (to be reviewed) list is really long and keeps growing. But this year I’ve been really trying hard to find out what is most important to me, and how can I prioritize to spend my time doing things that I love.

So what is it I want to ultimately share on this blog?  Every single book review?  Or the books I love.

When I go out with my girlfriends and we are chatting about life, which books do I bring up? Do we always chat about books that they hate or that are so-so, or keep it to the ones we love?

It’s taken me some time to figure it out, but I have finally realized I don’t HAVE to post about every single book.  If it’s not one that I would bring up in conversation, than why super stress myself about it on here?   I will keep my yearly book lists current.  You can see those by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

What are your opinions?  Do you disagree?  Should I post ever single book, good or bad?  What else should I post about?

Deep down, my ultimate goal with this blog is to simply share good books, and I would LOVE to have some feedback.

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