Weekend Wrap Up: 4

March 2, 2015



I pulled a 10 miler this weekend.  The longest run since my half marathon last month. 

Because we were spending Saturday morning throwing a birthday party for our now 11 year old, (Where did the time go!?)  I didn’t have time to run outside.  By Saturday afternoon it was snowing, so I’m glad I went the get-up-early-use-the-treadmill route.  Maybe not as therapeutic as a run outside with friends, but a good run either way.

I am not going to lie.  The first couple miles were horrible.  I don’t know what was going on with me, but mile 1-5 were the hardest ones.  I really just wanted to sit down and quit after mile one!  mile one!  I felt a little backwards because my legs and body really started feeling better by mile 7.  Miles 7-10 felt good.  But I kept it slow, the entire time.  I’m not the fastest runner.  In fact most of the time I had this thought going through my mind.

I watched Hart of Dixie…my fluff/maybe trashy/show.  And then I flipped it over to PBS and watched the last episode of Grantchester.  It was SUCH a good one.  Maybe that is why the miles seemed easier the second half.  It really was a good episode.  I had a couple minutes left after Grantchester ended I decided to watch this.  Best Romantic Moments from Downton.  I am planning on watching the season finale during my run today.  This little clip was a good ending to a good run.
Change of subject, but I think I have a drinking problem.  Because I after my run I spend most days looking at this. A protein drink for after my run.  A water cup.  I have to drink at least three of these for my Biggest Loser water point for the day.  And then a Diet Coke.   Because there is nothing better than a good Diet Coke.  What do you drink after running? How much? I am always thirsty. Always. 


I spent the rest of the weekend busy with birthdays and church, and yummy food.  FYI: 6 pizzas is not enough food for 10 hungry 10/11 year olds. 

Here are two good finds from this weekend.  One from Pinterest.  Entirely true.  Another my sister sent me, and I think I need to order for my race this summer.

I ended the week with this line up:
Monday, 6 miles
Tuesday, 5 miles
Wednesday, 2.5 miles
Thursday, 2.5 miles
Friday, rest day (which always makes me laugh a little when I type it, because with 5 kids I never get a rest day…it was just a day I didn’t run)
Saturday, 10 miles
Total miles 26! 
 One mile over my goal of 25.

This upcoming week I’m shooting for another 25 miles.


And then last night I got my monthly workout summary.  Really?  Really? I should have run 2 more miles!  Geez. But in January I ran around 93 miles, so I beat that and it was a shorter month.  Not too bad, but I really wish I would have run 2 more miles.

This month I will need to remember to look at monthly total the last day of the month..so I’m not crazy and 2 miles short of 100.

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