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December 28, 2016

Sometimes I think I can do it all.   And then December rolls around and it’s like a slap in the face and I feel like a failure.  I had big goals this month – specially for this blog, and I, obviously, haven’t even logged into publish the posts that I had saved as drafts!  How easy would that have been?

December is busy.  I’ve been reading.  I’ve been running.  I have things I want to blog about.  I “write” blog posts all the time in my head. haha!  But now it’s the 28th and I haven’t done any of it. Sitting down at my computer, putting my hands to the keyeboard (pencil to paper) – it just hasn’t happened this month and I’m not sure why.  It’s been a rough month, and for no good reason for it to be a rough month. I’ve been really bad at writing back to people when I need too – really bad at posting when I need too – and really bad at getting everything done on my holiday list that I wanted too.

And sitting down at my computer to do something that I enjoy (and doesn’t really benefit anyone or my family) just makes me feel guilty.  Sadly, that is how I see this blog sometimes.  It doesn’t pay any bills, I don’t feel like I have a big enough readership for it to matter, and it’s just one more thing.  Even though it’s the one thing that I really enjoy – so it really is the thing that I should be making time for in my schedule.  Just how many things am I allowed that are just for fun for me?  It’s a hard balance as a wife and mom.  I read because I enjoy it.  I run because I enjoy it (and I physically need it).  I should blog because I enjoy it!

I know what I should do.  I should get up earlier.  I should set some priorities.  I should spend less time on social media.  And I  should probably re-read one of my favorite books The Fringe Hours.

And I’ve also come to the conclusion that, this month especially, I really need to let it go – and try and remember my word for the year.  Be Kind.  I need to remember, that that also includes being kind to myself.

Image result for the fringe hours book

Next week is 2017.  I am thinking of new ways to blog and different ways to spend my time.  I am thinking of what goals I want to accomplish and how I want to accomplish them.  What I want my focus to be.

How do you find a balance in your life?  How do you find time to do things that you enjoy without feeling guilty?  I would love to re-read The Fringe Hours, and possibly even do it as a book club/discussion group in the next couple months.  But before that I probably should post the second part of our December book club, so we can wrap that up 🙂

What are your thoughts?

Here’s hoping that 2017 will be a better more effective year than December of 2016! 😉

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    I have a pretty good idea of what time you get up now, and I don’t think you should be considering getting up earlier to get more done. That doesn’t seem kind to yourself. Sleep is important. Maybe see what you can say “no” to during your day instead of getting less sleep.

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